You Took Too Much by Ocean Clark L.E. Signed and Numbered

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PRINT NAME: You Took Too Much 

ARTIST: Ocean Clark 

SIZE: 7.5in X 8in 


 “You Took Too Much” Blotter Art by Ocean Clark Limited Edition of 50 Signed and Numbered Prints by the artist Ocean Clark. 

   A painting depicting Hunter S. Thompson, Played By Johnny Depp, dosing “adrenachrome” in the movie “Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas.” In the movie, After Hunter takes beyond a heroic dose, his lawyer and owner of the substance screams that  “you Took Too Much, Too Much...” he is forced to pack up and lock Hunter in a hotel room  until he came down. 

This amazing Blotter is one in a series of Four Limited Edition hand signed and numbered prints. Each of the Four Blotters has 50 signed and numbed prints in its set.

Sets of 4 Are Available elsewhere on the website for $120.99