Flying Dragon

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PRINT NAME: Flying Dragon/ Red Deagon/ Double Dragon

ARTIST: Unknown 

PRODUCER: Mark Mccloud

YEAR: 1979 first appearance on street

SIZE: 4in X 4in

PERFORATIONS: None, cut-along 

One of Mark Mccloud's Infamous "Dirty Dozen" Prints... Notably the only non Perforated cut-along sheet of the Dirty Dozen but also the smallest By size. Measuring 4in X 4in with a single large Red Outlined Dragon and Blue cut-along guides in the background.

The second Product Picture is from the DEA website of a busted Dragons sheet with the amount that was Dipped per "hit" or cut along, along with the year of capture. 

One of THE BEST vintage prints to start a collection as you won't find a more affordable Dirty Dozen print or a Vintage Sheet!