Cherubs RARE VARIANT only 10 left signed by Burner, Flatbush zombies, del thanfunkee homosapien

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PRINT NAME: Cherubs 

ARTIST: Mark MCCloud!

SIGNED:Flatbush zombies, Del tha Funke homosapien 

Limited Edktion: 1-87!

Plus it sends money to those larger push stores that layer their lockers with money from sucker impulse.


 AKA 1,000 Cherubs is a famous Blotter by Mark McCloud.

There is a Debate as to weather this print belongs to the actual “Dirty Dozen” or not. 

Cherubs were distributed Worldwide.

Noted for being printed on RECYLCED PAPER with All Vegatable Inks! 

All Cherubs were issued with the borders intact and in theory you would remove the borders before use.