Dancing Test Tubes Genuine LARGEST SIZE KNOWN Professionally Framed

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This is the largest known sheet of Real 1980’s Pharm Chem Dancing Test Tubes Lsd Blotter Art. There are a few collectors who have 50-100 square “shards”  and a strip of 10 test tubes now retails for $200. Purchased directly from Mark McCloud at his home. He is the one that has informed me that he knows of none larger. With years of spending money with mark and a lost package in the mail gave him the idea to offer me this 177 hit Sheet to make things right. It was even displayed on the poster for the first public blotter art exhibit which took place in 1988 New York The Litmus Test Museum just displayed a 100 hit sheet as the star of their attraction. You Won’t find one anywhere else at this size it’s “Priceless” but I will admit more than $2,500 left my pocket to get this from mark and that doesn’t include the $170 professional framing by Michaels and has the “White Glove Promise” and lists the names of the two farmers who mounted this they have both been framing for over 15 years and are the only guys I let touch my irreplaceable Vintage Blotter

These are 177 Squares Of Genuine Vintage Dancing Test Tubes Psychedelic Blotter Art that have been framed proessionally wirh UV defense glass the blotter is in near mint condition no torn perforations or dog ears.  This is 100% One Of A Kind the last Test Tubes that we’re displayed at a Blotter Show at a huge museum still had the 100 squares (most call 100 hits a full sheet of tubes but not even mark McCloud knows who printed them and how large the sheets were. Since he has now past away it’s safe to publicly State that the artist of these was BMT He was a very iconic blotter artist who was an originator and has created at least 2 of the most collectible sought after Blotter Art Prints as he also created the infamous “gooney Bird” Blotters and he also made the famous Silver/White Diamonds cur-along blotters. We Are looking to place this  with someone who truly appreciates it one of a kind and rarity/story behind this blotter. I can say that

10 strip of tubes $200 adds up to more than $3400 and given that 

A small Part of this products cost goes towards the extreme steps we take to ship properly. We guarantee it’s mint condition worldwide arrival