Eat The Acid Morty L.E. Signed by BOTH artists

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PRINT NAME: Eat The Acid Morty

ARTISTS: Austin Olivo, Russel holmes AKA Overdosed Art

YEAR: 2018

LIMITED EDITION: 120 Sined and Numbered 

SIGNATURES: Russ Holmes, Austin Olivo 

SIZE: 7.5in X 7.5in 


Brand New release! Grab one while you can! Rick And Morty art sells out faster than anything else at the moment! And no wonder why! 

Overdosed Art teamed up with Austin Olivo to make this Blotter Art Come to life. 

If you look closely you will see Dancing a Test Tubes in the background, a tribute to the designers favorite Blotter. 

Printed on Offset Lithograph using ALL EDIBLE soy based inks!