Eye Of Horus

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PRINT NAME: Eye Of Horus 

ARTIST: Mark McCloud 

PERFORATIONS: Unperforated 

YEAR: 1985 

This is a Genuine Vintage Black and Gold Unperforated Eye Air Horus. This is one of THE Blotters a Genuine Collection must have. 

Obtained from the Artist and Godfather of Blotter Art himself Mark McCloud.

Extremely Rare In this Excellent Condition as many that are offered for sale have faded due to improper framing behind non UV reflective glass which fades the Meralic Gold ink used. This print is not faded at all and has been filled away in temperate storage facilities. 

We have only ONE available and it may be May years if ever before we can track down a Horus in this decent of Condition. Very minor evidence of its age.