Jolly Roger Signed By Mark McCloud

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PRINT NAME:  Jolly Roger

ARTIST: Mark McCloud

SIZE: 7.5in X 7.5in



This Signed Jolly Roger was purchased directly from Mark McCloud at the Institue Of Illigal Images. 

There is a series of 300 Jolly Rogers with the Bottom Border that were signed by S. Clay Wilson(a select few signed by both Mark and Clay). Due to that signature run there are no Jolly Rogers that have the bottom border that are signed by Mark McCloud alone. 

This Jolly Roger has been signed by Mark McCloud in the Bottom right hand corner (See Second picture). Making it a must have for anyone trying to complete a set of Signed Mark McCloud Blotter’s! 

Only ONE (1) is available so don’t hesitate! Both the Blotter and the Signature are in Mint Condition!